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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a job after I have completed the course?

This is totally up to you and how hard you work during and after your training. Jimmy C does not guarantee anyone definite work.

whats the difference between ITEC and VTCT?

VTCT is the mother (owner) company of ITEC the qualifications will both stand for a  high standard  of training, VTCT continually asses students work resulting in a great result on completion of your course .

Are the assessments hard?

Not at all, you will be fully prepared and supported through every step of the course to ensure you are ready.

What are the payment plans?

You will find all information regarding payment plans on the bottom of each course page.

What if I am missing a week on the course because of a prior booked engagement?

We will do all we can to support what you have missed, we have a very strong outside course support structure.

I have already completed a course with a previous college can I go on to the next level with Jimmy C?

Yes once you have the qualification to back this information up.

I am quite good at makeup and feel I would not need to start out basic but I have no official training done previous?

That’s fine you may be able to go straight on to a more advanced level course on completion of a makeup trial.

I want to start a course but I wouldn't be very confident both with makeup and with people?

I can honestly say I have seen so many students come to the academy with the same issue and leave with the confidence to go out there and do what they love. Check out my reviews on Facebook and you’ll see some stories.

Do I need a model for the course?

Only on assessment days and you will be given plenty of notice.

What kind of makeup do you use at Jimmy C?

We use a variety of brands mixing high end with high street advising you on all the best buys to help build your kit.

When do I start making my payments once my deposit is paid?

You don’t start to make payments until your course starts.

How do I sign up and pay my deposit?

Just click the “pay deposit” button at the bottom of your course page.

What payment method do you accept for course deposits?

We accept all major credit cards and we use Stripe which is 100% safe and secure.


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